Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: New Year Resolutions Diet & Health Apps


Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: New Year resolutions diet & health apps that keep us on track.   January is past its mid-point… so what have you done about your fitness and health resolutions?   The good news:  it’s never too late and there is plenty of technology to help us set goals and track our progress. And you don’t have to do it alone.  Most apps allow you to engage your friends, locally and around the world (the buddy system works wonders here!) So if, like me, you are JUST getting started, check out some of the most helpful apps for your smartphones and tablets.  The Telemundo NY program is in Spanish, but I’ve listed the apps we covered on the list below.  Now just DO IT!

1. Lose It!

  • iPhone/iPad and Android.
  • Free (“premium” option $39.99).
  • Plan you food, recipes, count calories.
  • Add and track exercises  – and calories burned.
  • Scanner – great feature! Take it with you to stores and scan food for nutritional information, including calories, fat, protein and (my favorite) carbohydrates.
  • Daily and weekly reports by email.
  • Works with other fitness devices, like Fitbit/ Nike Fuelband.
  • Let’s you share your results with friends and groups (peer support!).
  • Food list includes popular restaurant meals.

2. My Fitness Pal  – Calorie Counter and Fitness tracker

  • Free.  Works on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows devices.
  • Similar to Lose it!, you can plan and schedule meals and execise. This is the most popular app that combines the two.
  • Extensive food and exercise list: over 3 million foods, over 350 exercises.
  • Truly a social app:  not only allows you to connects with family, friends and health warriors all over the world, it also allows you to publish your progress on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Works with comprehensive list of health devices.

3. Fitness Buddy

  • iPhone, Android, $1.99
  • All exercise app, with more than 1700 exercises and 1000 videos and detailed instruction.
  • Create your own program to target arms, legs, abs “problem” areas and keep calendars.
  • This app is like your own personal trainer – not bad for $1.99!

4.  Endomondo

  • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry.
  • Free.  Premium version is less than $3 (additional training plans, heart rate zones, even weather information.
  • Track any outdoor sport – cycling, running, even walking – and track goals, even heart rate.
  • Physical activity tracker (much like the others), set goals, keep history. BUT it’s a “competitive” social app!
  • Compete against other users and even in specific routes.
  • Get audio feedback: friends can text encouragement (it is then translated and you hear it on your headphones).
  • Post progress on Facebook and see your friends’ progress.
  • Syncs with health gadgets – and even SonyEriccson’s SmartWatch.


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