Top Tips To Protect Your Devices From Cyber Hacking

RosaAlonso_PreventCyberhacks_telemundo_webThe recent stories of hacking and publishing of “private” nude photos has everyone asking how we might protect ourselves from cyber hacking of our devices. Check out our segment on Telemundo 47’s Primera Edicion, where we also give you tips on how to prevent the stealing of your information and images.  A few quick tips to prevent unauthorized access – and use!

1) Use difficult to guess (and long) passwords

Experts recommend a combination of numbers, letters and symbols but also to make the passwords long (8-15 characters). Change them frequently on all your devices.


2) Create difficult security questions (and keep the answers private)

Don’t use public information about you, especially if can be easily found on Google!


3) Use  “two step verification”

Most services now offer this second layer of security.  If someone if trying to sign-in, you will receive ALERTS and a special code directly to your phone in order to gain access.


4) Protect your email

Don’t make it public unless you have to.  If you need to for work, follow our security tips.


5) Be careful when connecting to the Internet

Careful with those public Wi-Fi sites and entering passwords. Hackers not only create such sites but can trick you on these open networks (and watch the URL line, are you where you want to be?)


6) Finally… don’t take intimate pictures with connected devices. 

Sounds like common sense but if it’s connected, it can be public!


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