On Telemundo with Tips to Save Battery Life of Phone


Watch our technology segment on Telemundo 47’s Acceso Total NY and get our top tips to save battery life on your smartphone.

Tips for saving/extending your smartphone’s battery life:

  • Adjust screen brightness: this is usually the biggest culprit in power drain.  Go to “Settings/Display” on Android or “Settings/Brightness” on iPhone and dim.  Better yet, most new phones have “adaptive brightness” settings which automatically adjust for optimal battery usage.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi when not needed (tip: putting your phone in “airplane” mode turns them all off automatically – great if your battery is really low)
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of your phone’s cellular service (but note: while using your home and/or work connection is safer, public Wi-Fi can be dangerous unless you know service!)
  • Watch those apps!  Most apps run in the background even though you are not accessing the service.  You can restrict background data and auto sync in Settings/Apps  (or completely sign out of app/service).
  • Room temperature is best: it’s true that extreme heat or cold will affect your battery’s life
  • Place your battery on “saver” mode: you may have seen this feature at work automatically when your phone is about to die. Basically takes care of many of the tips above automatically (so best used when battery is low and you’re away from a charger).
  • Use battery saving apps: eg. some of the most popular are Battery Saver for Android and Battery Doctor for iPhone.

Oh, yeah, many of these are data hogs, too (apps, GPS, etc).  So if you’re watching your data bytes,  make sure you make adjustments before those killer overage fees hit your account.

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