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RosaAlonso_PatriciaDalmasy_VOA_ForoInteramericanoRosa Alonso on VOA’s Foro Interamericano: Facebook 10, Social Media.  I joined Voice of America’s Foro Interamericano, host Patricia Dalmasy and several other analysts to cover Facebook’s 10th anniversary and discuss it’s future – and the future of social media.  Discussion covers not just communication and networking aspects but also political impact around the world.  Television program is in Spanish and broadcast in the U.S and Latin America.

Watch video (short video version):

Watch full Facebook/Social Media segment, starting at 25:00 and the complete hour program on their website, including segments immigration reform and Governor’s Christie’s George Washington Bridge closures debacle:

Many thanks to Patricia Dalmasy, Meryland Cuevas-Canela and everyone at Voz de América and Foro Interamericano.

Watch Facebook’s 10th anniversay video:

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