Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: Top 5 Mobile Apps To Save Money

RosaAlonso_OdalysMolina_Telemundo_mobileapps_web31414Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: Top 5 Mobile Apps To Save Money.  Saving money through mobile couponing is now easier than ever and those savings do add up.  Join us on Telemundo NY 47‘s “Acceso Total Nueva York” with host Odalys Molina for a lively talk on my choice for top 5 best mobile apps to save money ( iOS/iPhone and Android).  Most also provide options to print and share with your family and friends, so you can combine latest technology with old school paper discounts:

  • Groupon: lots of partners = lots of coupons and discounts, localized and customized to your needs.  A very popular one (app and website).
  • RetailMeNot:  one of my all-time favorites. Coupons and coupon codes galore – and see what percentage of the time they actually work (don’t waste time or be baited by hackers and fake online coupon codes – app and website)
  • Shopkick: one of my latest discoveries, get points and discounts just by activating this “shopping app” when you visit actual stores (major retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, Old Navy).  Makes finding those daily store specials easy! (app)
  • forget clipping those paper coupons and forgetting them at home (like I do).  Take a pic of your coupon and always have it with you.  Has huge database of coupons around the country that you can upload too – and even sends you coupon expiration alerts (pretty cool). (app)
  • Grocery Smart: Already available at national retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS and Rite Aid (and working on local discount partners), no need to clip and carry coupons (all in app database already).  You can even plan your trip with a shopping list with your virtual coupons ready to scan at the store.  Save time and money. (app)

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