Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: Super Bowl 2014 ; Open Internet News


Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: Super Bowl 2014 ; Open Internet News.  Celebration is in the air and for many of us it really doesn’t matter who you root for (especially when our teams are not in the playoffs!)  Rather, it’s about friends, family and fun.  Our Super Bowl 2014 segment on Noticiero Telemundo: Primera Edición gives you tips for how to best enjoy the days leading up to the big game.  We also warn you about the Big Game scams, especially online.   And in the last minute, I discuss a breaking news item which affects all of us: a recent ruling on Net Neutrality, which will try to limit our rights to an “open” Internet.  See below for petition link (lend your voice by signing!)  Now watch our video:

1. Sites/apps for Super Bowl calendar of events and information – and to find legitimate tickets!:

Some cool apps:

Big Game XLVIII 2014

Shazam: yeap, the song app, will be streaming some cool stuff during the Game.

NFL Mobile (the official NFL app)

2. Watch for/report scam sites:

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

NJ Department of Consumer Affairs

3. Your right to an “open Internet!”

Sign petition!

Read more about the Net Neutrality ruling and what it means,especially to the Latino community.

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