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Amtrak Microsites Connect Latino, African-American, LGBT Travelers

Amtrak microsites that target and connect Latino, African-American and LGBT travelers launched this week:  MyBlackJourney.com for African American consumers; AmtrakRideWithPride.com for the LGBT community; and DescubreNorteamerica.com, a bilingual site for Hispanic consumers.  I participated in the DescubreNorteamerica.com launch as a blogger/contributor.  Check out my article (in Spanish) Mis Viajes con Amtrak: productivos, divertidos y conectados. […]

Rosa Alonso: I won a Google HP Chromebook 11!

Rosa Alonso:  I won a Google HP Chromebook!  As part of the launch of the new Google HP Chromebook 11, Google featured a promo giving away about 900 Chromebooks.  People were asked to nominate folks (and,yes, even cats!) that were making a difference on the Web.  From “tech saviors,” to “night owls,”  to” snap-happy parents,” […]

Today on Mi Vida Tec: Android KitKat, iPad Air Trade, Facebook Stinks

What we are following in science and technology news today on Mi Vida Tec with Rosa Alonso: So what’s new with Google’s new Android 4.4, named “KitKat” (we like THIS candy!)  http://www.itproportal.com/2013/11/04/11-smart-new-features-google-is-introducing-with-android-44-kitkat/ Speaking of Google, what’s up with that floating barge?? http://www.latimes.com/local/columnone/la-fi-c1-google-mystery-barge-20131104-dto,0,3834418.htmlstory#axzz2jgSkPy1T iPad Air trade in offers: http://www.sci-tech-today.com/news/iPad-Trade-Offers-Could-Spur-Air-Sales/story.xhtml?story_id=003000C26SXX Teens:  Facebook stinks!   http://www.businessinsider.com/why-tweens-and-teens-think-facebook-stinks-2013-11 Twitter IPO this […]

Tech Tricks and Treats! Happy Halloween!

Tech Tricks and Treats! Happy Halloween!  Some of our scary favorites, enjoy! Scary sounds / background music effects (turn the lights off and sit around that candle!!!)   Did someone say “old school” fright?  Here is one of the best sound ones I found:   Michael Myers STILL scares me!   THIS Michael still makes […]

Today’s Science and Technology News: October 28, 2013

Today’s science and technology news: OS X Mavericks hates Gmail, LG’s G Flex, Nexus 5, Logitech accesories for iPad Air, floating Google centers, new brain “processor” discovery, this week’s comets and eclipse, and taking that $75K balloon ride – into space! OS X Mavericks not compatible with Gmail?? (and I just updated!!) http://www.zdnet.com/concerns-rise-on-os-x-mavericks-gmail-compatibility-7000022481/ LG’s new […]

Technology News We’re Following: October 24, 2013

Check out the science and technology news we’re following today: Improved Vine, now with edit and chron mixing abilities:  http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/24/vine-now-lets-you-edit-and-work-on-multiple-posts-over-time/ Adobe Flash Player now “sandboxed” (included with protection for your Mac OS) when running new Mac OS X Mavericks – less Safari crashes, yes! http://www.zdnet.com/adobe-flash-player-now-sandboxed-on-os-x-safari-7000022368/ iPad Air  vs. iPad Mini: Not much difference, except size […]

Google Doodle Honors Celia Cruz: Azuca!

Google Doodle honors the great Celia Cruz this morning: Azuca!!! Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso de la Santísima Trinidad (October 21, 1925 – July 16, 2003) was a Cuban-American salsa performer and was one of the most popular salsa artists of the 20th century. Known and loved around the world as the […]

Marcel Proust Quotes Dreams in our Tec-Cafe

Marcel Proust quotes “dreams” in our Tec-Café: If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time. – Marcel Proust In the process of reflecting on my own dreams and asking the Universe to conspire and inspire, I looked at my […]

Nominate Someone to Get New Google HP Chromebook

Nominate someone – or yourself – to get a new Google HP Chromebook!  In a new and very cool new promo for their Chromebook 11, Google asks you to nominate someone (or yourself) to win the new device.   Very simple: Find a category (many, Computer Hogs, A+ Teachers, Music Evangelists, Entrepreneurs and, yes, even CATS, […]

New Apple iPad, MacPro Event Set for October 22

The new Apple iPad, MacPro event appears set for October 22nd, reported All Things Digital this morning.  While the new iPad and iPad Mini are to be showcased, it is rumored the new MacPro will get some talk time.   Not clear on all new specs for the devices, but expect a lighter iPad and Retina […]

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