Amtrak Microsites Connect Latino, African-American, LGBT Travelers

AmtrakDescubre_RosaALonso_webAmtrak microsites that target and connect Latino, African-American and LGBT travelers launched this week: for African American consumers; for the LGBT community; and, a bilingual site for Hispanic consumers.  I participated in the launch as a blogger/contributor.  Check out my article (in Spanish) Mis Viajes con Amtrak: productivos, divertidos y conectados.

While Amtrak’s main website,, is a travel-planning resource for all travelers, the microsites are culturally focused travel sites that host the unique, original multicultural voices of a rotating set of featured bloggers.  Per Amtrak:

“The goal of Amtrak’s My Black Journey is to help you re-imagine what train travel can be,” said Amtrak editor, Saunya Connelly in her editor’s message on the site. “Our contributors focus on the personal experience of travel. This site will include cultural destinations and reflect the historical journey of African Americans living here.” speaks to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) traveler. The site is loaded with photos, testimonials and blog posts from Amtrak’s LGBT editor Mark Mastro. “My job is to travel across the country, see new sites and connect with everyday people,” said Mastro. “More importantly, I share my experiences with those who are seeking a travel experience that makes them feel comfortable.”

According to Lilliana Lopez, Amtrak editor of, “Diversity begins with respect. Respect for the community, for culture and, of course, for you.” This site was developed in Spanish and provides culturally relevant information about train travel.

Check out, and – and, of course, my article Mis Viajes con Amtrak: productivos, divertidos y conectados. Amtrak will also highlight the microsites on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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