Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: Top Romantic, Sexy Valentine’s Day Apps

valentinesapps_webRosa Alonso on Telemundo: Top romantic, sexy Valentine’s Day apps.   Whether you have a Valentine’s or are still making plans, here are a few of my top romantic and, yes, sexy apps for the big day. Oh, yes, and if you suspect your better half has a few more Valentines of his/her own, we have an app for that too! Watch our video on Telemundo NY 47‘s “Acceso Total Nueva York” with our amazing host, Odalys Molina and check out the apps that top our Valentine’s Day list of romantic and sexy must-haves:

Top picks for iOS and Android:

1.  Red Stamp: Cards by email, text, Facebook, Twitter and Instragram – all free.  If you want to send a paper greeting card (old school, which I still do), Red Stamp will print and mail for you ($2.99+).  Easy and, yes, romantic!

2. Musica Romantica (by Nazcasoft):  Romantic music, those in-the-mood classics in both English and Spanish, from Adele to Raphael.  If you don’t want to fuss with music stations or your own collections, all you need is right here (and you can even create your own playlist – ready!) Free.

3.  Fingle (by Game Oven): iPad/iPad Mini only.  Great game to break the ice with a new friend or date.  A “fingle” is that space between your fingers (5 fingers and 4 fingles) and this game is all about “fingling” and the intermingling of fingers as you and your partner follow boxes on what looks like the dancefloor from John Travolta’s dance in Saturday Night Fever (with a 70s score to boot!) Really a lot of fun.  But, yes, you CAN make it sexy;) $1.99.

4. Spreadsheets: If you are thinking Excel or formulas, then you are definitely NOT ready for V Day! This app uses motion and sound to give you an intimacy “performance” score, even keeps a historical graph and indicates “improvement” (or not).  Perfect app to drive the neighbors crazy (even if you are just “faking it”). Free.

5.  FlexiSpy:  Ahh, yes, if what you thought was your better half is hiding a Valentine or two, FlexiSpy will find them.  It will track all calls (record at premium level), read texts and emails, locate them and can even “listen in” near the phone.  In fact, at advanced level, it will even video record the surroundings. The app operates in covert mode, so don’t expect to ” see it” on your device’s application manager. $141/yr for basic, $300+ for many of the recording functions.  Honestly, if you are thinking of using this one on the hubby, maybe it IS time for another Valentine.


A very happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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