Rosa Alonso on Telemundo: 5 Smart Gadgets That Make Life Easy

RosaAlonso_TelemundoAccesoTotal_gadgets-aparatosRosa Alonso on Telemundo: 5 smart gadgets that make life easy.  While we usually think only of “apps” as the source of utility and entertainment on our smartphones, increasingly we find more “smart” gadgets that work/sync with our devices to educate, entertain, help out with a little house work and, yes, even be our best friends.  Watch a very fun video segment on our picks and get more details on the devices that make our lives a little easier (and fun).

(In order of appearance:)

1.  Lernstift: The first “smart” pen that helps correct spelling errors while you write (whether in English, Spanish and a host of other languages).
– Helps with penmanship too WHILE you write.
– The pen “vibrates” to alert you of spelling or penmanship errors.
– Connects to your smartphone through Wi-Fi so that you can view, correct and store documents in progress.
– Has two modes”  ink or pencil and you can even change the writing tip (for calligraphy).
– Several colors include blue and pink (for the kids – great for them too as an educational tool!).
– Price: not announced yet but somewhere in $130-$190 range.

2.  SmartPJs: Interactive children’s pajamas perfect for bedtime stories without the hassles (kids up to 10 years old).
– Download fee app and simply “scan” the polka dots design on the pajama with your smartphone and view and listen to a favorite story.
– Read or listen to the story – you can view images directly on your smartphone.
– Always ready! Don’t have to search for or carry books, use conveniently anywhere and without a connection to the Internet.
– Price: $29.99

3.  iRobot Roomba 650: Electronic vacuum cleaner that can be programmed to clean on its own.
– Good for all types of floors: wood, ceramic, tile, carpet.
– Burshes with circular rotation, which helps vacuum the dirt.
– Motion sensor detects objects – furniture, walls, even pets! – to avoid damage or accidents.
– Infrared sensor detects dirt.
– Price: $399

4.  Zoomer Pup : The perfect “robot” pet for the modern family!
– No allergies nor accidents, and it loves affection (try rubbing its belly).
– Comes in several colors (I like the Dalmatian, white with black spots, just like my pet when I was a kind).
– Barks, growls, whimpers, lots of sounds a real dog would make.
– Does doggie tricks (the website shows you all tricks to get him to sit, play and roll-over, so you can say “I love you” and he wags his tail – and he even plays dead, “Zoomer play dead!”
– Price: $99

5.  Harman Kardon Wireless Speaker
– Control these high quality speakers through your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection (and all smart devices, tablets, etc.)
– Amazing professional sound in any room or anywhere you take it.
– Uses 4 internal speakers with high definition sound.
– Beautiful, ultramodern design and best of all: completely portable!
– Usually retails for  $499.95, but now only $399.99 at Sprint store!
BTW, many thanks to our friends at Sprint for lending us this amazing speaker for our program!

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