Quotes Giving Thanks For A New Day

RAlonso_inthisfleetingmoment_webIt seemed appropriate to start September 12th with quotes giving thanks for a new day.  Years ago when I was recovering from a challenging life event, I stumbled upon this beautiful work of art in Laguna Beach, CA – and these words.  What extravagant respite, indeed, to be able to witness such beauty and strength and celebrate Life’s blessings.  The author of the words remains elusive but here is the full poem, each sentence inscribed in separate railings overlooking that majestic ocean:

“In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite as Promethean sunsets blossom, blaze and secede from splendour to mystery. In this fleeting moment, what extravagant respite as booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths.”

Remember that “every” day is a gift and an opportunity to start anew.  Onward!

Rosa Alonso

Photo credit:  Rosa Alonso


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