Microsoft Surface Pro Discounted $100 through August 29

MicrosoftSurface_price100less_webMicrosoft discounts continue and today the company announced the Microsoft Surface Pro discount of $100 through August 29th.  This is good on the 64GB Surface Pro  (now $799) or the128GB version (now $899). However, unlike the Surface RT tablet, the Pro does not come with a free copy of Microsoft Office.   That means we give back the $100 discount by having to buy it ($99 for the “Home” Office version).

Whether it’s back-to-school or market jitters (the Surface is not selling as well as Microsoft expected), this is the second discount on Surface products. The Surface RT tablet was discounted $150 less than a month ago, also for a limited time.  The price cut on the Surface Pro could also be an indication of the arrival of new products or improved versions.

Check out the Surface Pro’s specs here (per Microsoft site):


For all the Surface vs iPad talk, the Surface is different device, heavy on the computer productivity side, and after reading side by side reviews of it and the iPad 3, 4 and 5, the comparison might actually be more accurate vs. the MacBook Air.  From a pricing standpoint vs. iPad, it is $100 cheaper than the simplest iPad.  But there are plenty of great tablets out there under $400, like the new Nexus 7.

And this may just be Microsoft’s problem. Would one not buy a light laptop vs the Surface Pro to run old-school windows apps better? Do I really need a $800 “windows tablet” when I can have an iPad mini or assorted Android tablets to choose from (especially Google’s newest, Nexus 7 for $229?)

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