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With the launch of the iPhone 5S tomorrow Friday, today is a good time to compare iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and Samsung S4 smartphones. The detailed specs follow in the chart, but here is the bottom line on each:

iPhone 5c:  The iPhone 5C is essentially the iPhone 4 with plastic (polycarbonate) shells and fun colors. $99 on contract, bright plastic case in a new design. Good price for performance.  Challenge:  not running new iOS7 (update: YES, while speculated it would not, the 5C DOES run iOS7).   Side note: Apple’s interest in China and India markets at this price point is questioned: many say it’s already too expensive for those markets.

iPhone 5s: $199 on contract, same design as the iPhone 5C, includes an improved camera with larger sensor, and a built-in fingerprint scanner for security. Also faster A7 processor (than 5C).  Will compete with smartphones in the market.  This is the true, ‘new’ iPhone.  Yes, iOS7 ready.

Samsung S4:  $249 (or less) with contract. Android, superior specs for power and storage flexibility.  If you’re into pics like me, then there is no contest (13MP vs iPhone 5S 8MP)


What do you think?  Is the new iPhone 5S, with new iOS7, a game changer for Apple?

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