6th Annual LatinVision CEO Summit: US Hispanic, Latin America

LatinVision_webLatinVision Media, Latin Media and Entertainment Commission of the City of New York (LMEC), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Advertising Week (AW) present The CEO Summit, which will be held on Thursday, October 16, 2013 in New York City.

This one-day event brings the best minds in the Latin Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Technology markets.  The conference will be presented in the form of thematic panels with questions from the audience and moderated by experts in their respective fields.  Rosa Alonso, Mi Vida Tec Founder and President of consulting firm Foraché Productions LLC, will be joining fellow entrepreneurs for Panel 3 – Entrepreneurship ( 11:45am, right after the coffee break).

The 2013 Convergence The CEO’s Summit will also feature:

• Effective best practices to adopt new technologies by Latino media and entertainment

• Case studies by top media players in the so-called traditional space, and how their outlets are adapting to the digital space

• Technologies available for delivering information and entertainment via new channels

• Efforts launched by both the private and public sector to create, promote and support Latin American arts and culture

• Best practices in training, recruiting and retaining the best talent in the areas of marketing, advertising, new media, PR and technology

• Case studies of new ventures and how they got started through financing

• Networking event

The 2013 Convergence conference seeks to share and enhance a broader knowledge of industry’s best practices to transform businesses and to better meet the demands of an increasingly mobile, fragmented, and elusive target audience. It’ll also showcase New York City’s efforts to promote and support Latin Culture, Entertainment and Media as well as to how businesses can benefit and contribute to the future of Latin Media, Entertainment, Technology and Advertising.

For registration and conference information, go to: www.latinvision.com/conference and in Spanish go to: www.latinvision.com/conferencia

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